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Picture of crow watching headline entertainer

Recovery Day Winnipeg Entertainment

Check out the awesome local and nation-wide performers!

For the full schedule of events, visit the Lineup page. For more about our keynote speaker, follow the links.

The D. Rangers

Described as “mutant bluegrass,” “un-country, and “arm-swinging hillbilly-stomp,” their live shows are an engaging mix of originals, traditional classics, and off-the-wall covers. With a stage show featuring a “muckbucket” bass (made from a plastic tub, some old lumber and two rope strings), a musical saw, and a rambunctiousness that would set Bob Wills spinning in his grave, they’ve built an increasingly loyal and devoted fan base playing folk festivals, bluegrass festivals, bars, halls and clubs throughout much of Canada.

Flatland Famous

Paul McNair (Streetheart), Stephen Broadhurst (The Road Hammers/Doc Walker) and Derrick Gottfried (Harlequin/Doc Walker) are some of Winnipeg‘s finest musicians. Over the past several decades, these local musicians have been performing all over the country and internationally with some of Canada‘s top rock and country bands. As a collective these three friends and musicians enjoy performing the classic music that influenced them over the years.

DJ’s M.C. LUV and Wanda G.

Mariana Cañadas / M.C. LUV brings individuality, style and soul to the floor. Expressing an artistry that pays homage to her Afro and Latinx roots, M.C. LUV invites you to a music experience that lets you find your space. With a passion for her art that is palpable, Mariana opens the mic, fusing her own harmonies and rich freestyle vocals that pull you closer to the heart of her set. Delivering soulful house and original tracks, M.C. LUV opens your world to a fresh groove and creative approach to musical expression. 

WANDA G Music defined is the output of expression through sound; it is experience, emotion and feeling. Thriving on soulful beats, vocal house and the ear to mix with masterful, seamless transitions, the introduction of Wanda G to Winnipeg’s growing roster of talent is joyful and welcome. Her own journey through time and around the world has cultivated her rich sound and unapologetic reverence to some of music’s greatest influencers. What you see from the dance floor is passionate artistry invested in your own musical odyssey from the drop to the stop although her sets crave no end. This is the house of Wanda G.

Nikki Komaksiutiksak

Nikki Komaksiutiksak is an Inuit woman from Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut. Nikki is the Executive Director to Tunngasugit, Western Canada’s first Inuit Resource Centre located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Though Winnipeg is now her home, Nikki has found the strength to preserve her “Inukness” living in the southern part of Canada. Nikki is an active member with the Inuit community in Winnipeg, and uses her knowledge and understanding of the south to assist other Inuit moving to the big city. 

 Nikki is an inspiration to the young and old everywhere, and truly demonstrates a passion for her cultural identity.  Nikki is an experienced throat singer, teacher of Inuit history and culture, and a heartfelt musical performer. Nikki has also been selected by Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada as the 2023 Inuk Woman of the Year.  Nikki has participated in a number of international events, representing Manitoba and Inuit at such prestigious venues as the 2015 Indigenous Music Awards in Winnipeg. She has recorded music with local Canadian talent, including such names as, the Weakerthans, Demetra Penner and Moses Mayes.

Nikki has been featured in many events around the world, always sharing her identity and teaching about her Canadian Inuit Culture. Nikki is often asked to attend Universities and schools throughout Manitoba to teach and showcase Inuit culture to both students and staff.  The Inuit of Canada are an integral part of Canadian history and culture, but sadly are often excluded, overlooked, and forgotten.  Nikki truly believes that it is critical that Inuit culture is remembered, recognized and celebrated throughout all of Canada.