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Recovery Day Winnipeg Entertainment

Check back soon to see our entertainment for 2023! Until then, check out who performed at Recovery Day Winnipeg 2022.

Space Case

It’s a band! It’s a-playin’! It’s a Three-Headed Rock-Monster… from Space! Well, actually, it’s Sol James, Rusty Robot and jonny moonbeam on stage together with a killer band, “in-the-round,” performing their own and each other’s tunes. A friendly collaboration between Three Winnipeg solo artists who happen to have otherworldly names… it’s Space Case!

Brani Vezina in a pink jacket wearing a cowboy hat

Brandi Vezina

Brandi Vezina is a Winnipeg singer/songwriter whose authentic country roots are intertwined with rock and the blues. She is a natural-born performer who comes from a musical Metis family. Her biggest inspirations include Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones and Miranda Lambert.

Violet Vopni

Violet Vopni is an indigenous and icelandic singer/songwriter from Manitoba. Her journey as a lyricist and composer began in 1995 when she wrote her song “Dreaming”. That song was released in 2020 through alternative metal band, Helfreya. Vopni’s songs range from upbeat pop to smooth jazz to heartbreaking ballads and everything inbetween. She draws inspiration from her relationships with lovers, friends and her ancestral history as a Metis woman. Vopni advocates for those affected by mental health and addictions. Her single “Joseph” shares the story of her great grandfather who was born in 1900, fought in WW1 and struggled with alcoholism throughout his life. The song is by far her most popular, amassing nearly 400k streams on Spotify. Her song “How Many Times” has been featured on CBC’s Up To Speed, the Indigenous Music Countdown and Manitoba Music’s Song of the Week. Vopni has released three albums, “Unacknowledged” and “Shieldmaiden” in 2020 and “The Things We Don’t Know” in 2021. She is set to release her 4th album in 2023, the first single “Friendzone” from that album drops on June 10th, 2022. 

Walking Wolf Singers

Walking Wolf Dancers & Singers perform traditional Aboriginal dances, sharing with audiences the stories and meanings behind them. The group’s performances include hoop dancers, jingle dancers, friendship dancers, drummers and chanters to captivate the audience.

Juice Boxx

Drag Queen and hair-flipping extraordinaire Juice Boxx is small, sparkly, and adorable, but with a  seductive twist.

Her smart hosting style perfectly balances her fun and flirty performances, which serve a blend of top 40s pop princess and enticing burlesque vixen. Juice began her career in the fast-paced drag scene of Toronto, where she excelled for years before being cast on the first season of Canada’s Drag Race.

Along with the stage, Juice Boxx spends much of her time streaming on Twitch. She has collaborated with companies like Dead by Daylight, McDonald’s and It Gets Better for a variety of different online events.

Although her status as “Canada’s Porkchop” (or first eliminated) on the show cut her time short, her cute and quirky personality won viewers over as she tripped, snagged, and fell her way to becoming a fan-favourite

Kendall Gender

Canadian drag sensation. With grassroots in Vancouver, she has performed coast to coast since 2014 and shows no signs of slowing down.

Kendall is best known for being on season 2 of Canada’s Drag Race, where she placed in the top 3. She is also known for being the queer ambassador for Fairmont Hotels, a member of infamous drag group ‘BRATPACK’ and a past winner of elite drag competition “Vancouver’s Next Drag Superstar” in 2017. She was also elected as the “Empress of Vancouver” and raised over $25,000 for for various charities as a part of the Dogwood Monarchist Society. In 2020 she was also the first drag performer to do a halftime performance at the Rugby 7’s game, performing for a crowd of 50,000 people.

As a biracial artist, Kendall started the show  ‘VISIBLE’ which is designed as a platform to raise money and awareness for visible minorities.  In 2020, the events moved digital and raised over $9,000 for Black Lives Matter during a single event.

Kendall has been cast in the lead role of an upcoming film called “Stay”, playing the character Kaleb /Ivy Diamonds. The film is set to release in fall 2022.

Always dressed to the nines and known for her explosive and high-energy performances that radiate positivity and ooze sex appeal, Kendall is a powerhouse that continues to leave audiences wanting more as her star continues to rise.


Starting drag at the young age of nineteen, Boa packed her things and escaped to Toronto with bright eyes and a bushy tail.

Over the course of her eight year career, the now twenty four year old powerhouse is continuing to make waves with her campy references, edgy style and flawless mug. Boa is an out of the box queen that doesn’t like to put a label on herself, she prefers to find her own way of doing things and proudly marches to the best of her own drum. In March of 2018, the recently sober Boa made waves in her local and online community by competing in the annual miss el convento ricopageant completely in character as the grinch and also became a stepping stone to helping her prepare to audition for the iconic first season of Canadas drag race which she was cast in.

Over the course of her chaotic six episode run on Canadas drag race, Boa became an instant fan and judge favourite with her comedy, runway presence, messy behaviour, carefree attitude and her relatability.

Since her time on drag race, Boa has worked extremely hard to fine tune and polish not only her craft, but has been able to completely change her life around with a 110LBS weight loss. Now, more glowing and energetic than ever, there is no stopping Boa!

Splits, High Kicks, Death Drops!

She does all of it!


Kaos is a genderbending, two-spirit drag queen who proudly comes from a Metis background. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Kaos starred in Season 3 of Canada’s Drag Race where the country fell in love with their edgy, honest, tell-it-like-it-is attitude. Clean and sober for 18 months, Kaos shares their story of recovery through art and encourages others to move forward with a positive lifestyle. They are constantly travelling and bringing audiences their incredible artistry that combines singing, dancing, gymnastics, camp and culture.

Aboriginal School of Dance

Since making our explosive debut more than 10 years ago, the Aboriginal School of Dance has become the #1 choice for multicultural entertainment and educational programming for 13 school divisions and over 100 organizations and businesses.

The Aboriginal School of Dance is known for energetic and innovative choreography that provokes an intense emotional experience for audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Training young people as professional performers and providing them with skills to be independent, the Aboriginal School of Dance was built on the traditional values of integrity, respect and community as well as imagination, creativity and most importantly – the purpose: our youth.

Founded by accomplished dancer, choreographer and entrepreneur Buffy Handel, this Winnipeg-based group is recognized for high quality Aboriginal artistic entertainment and educational programming and presentations.